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The best start to the day is the one you choose

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Breakfast time is one of the most important times of the day, but at Highgrove House, we recognise that for each of our residents this time might actually be different. We have some who, because they spent their working lives commuting, like a very early start and others who prefer a much more leisurely start to the day but who then like to stay up in the evening a bit later.

This is fine with us. It actually means we can stagger breakfast times and things don’t get too stressful in the kitchen. Our chefs make meals from scratch and once they get to know the residents, often add in little extras that they know each one likes too. Seeing the smiles in the morning make our day and this all helps to set up the rest of the day properly too. We’ve got up at the right time, been fed well, are smiling and not stressed – roll on the rest of the day we say!

Person Centred Care

This type of care is known as ‘person centred care’ to professionals, but we simply see it as normal. Person centred care focuses on what each individual needs and works with those needs to ensure each person is cared for in a way that keeps them both healthy and happy. Taking the time to get the little things right with each person has been proven to pay massive dividends in care well being. This is something we actively strive for at both Highgrove and Heaton House.

A simple analogy is making a cup of tea for a guest. Would you make the tea how you like it or ask how they like it? This is what we apply to every part of every day at Highgrove House. You can find out more about Person Centred Care from Health Education England’s website here

So if you fancy visiting us for a cup of tea (made the way you like it) anytime soon, just let us know and we’ll get the kettle on. We’d love to see you!


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