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Easter Fun at Highgrove House

Easter eggs

Like most of the country, we were hoping that Easter would bring sunshine and the chance to do some egg hunting outside among the daffodils in our lovely gardens. When the sunshine didn’t come we switched to plan B – or should we say plan C (C for cake!).

Never ones to let some rubbish weather hold us back from having a fun afternoon, we brought our fun inside instead. Our activities coordinator and senior carer, Denise, along with fellow carer and colleague, Rachael, gathered all those who wanted to take part in our dining room and our lovely in-house chef, Jane, brought out some cute little fairy cakes from the kitchen. The cakes were perfect for decorating, with just enough room from the top of the casings to make sure we could get a nice thick layer of icing on. We got stuck in making large amounts of both yellow coloured and chocolate icing, which was then divided into smaller bowls for individuals to use. This spread onto the cakes in lovely thick dollops and then we finished off our creations with jelly shapes, raisins, sprinkles, mini chocolate eggs and all manner of decorations.

We admit that maybe not all of the icing and decorations may have made it onto the cakes, but we did have enough to go round and everyone had a great time making their own little sweet treat creations. Of course we had some traditional birds nests and Easter chicks, but we also had some cute cat faces, swirly patterns and other imaginative things.

Activities such as group cake decorating can have a hugely positive impact on older and more vulnerable people. Simply by doing something in a group that person is socialising and making conversation. Fairy cakes are also quite small and delicate to handle so the act of decorating them is great for keeping fingers nimble and focusing eyes on smaller details. In addition, it’s also great for the brain, as both imagination and planning are used to create whatever is placed on top of the cake.

Added bonus is that our stomachs all loved the activity too (even if our waistlines didn’t)!


These pictures below show just some of the variety and detailed work that was produced by our fabulous residents including Honor and Anne. What was originally a last minute change of plan turned out to be a real success and we’re sure we’ll be doing it again very soon 🙂

cake decorating activity cake decorating activity a selection of cakes

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